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How to take care of your eyes when using the computer?

I know that using too much computer is really bad to eyes. Is there any good way to protect my eyes in a good way? Any suggestion?
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  • candylndsuicide


    With the popularization of computers, many people especially office workers are required to using computer when finishing their work. As we know, computer radiation is harmful,and you may feel painful and dry in eyes after a long time staring the screen. Here are some tips for to consider: 1. Take a break and look out for a while when working. 2. If you are busy with your work, you can blink frequently to make your eyes moist. 3. Adjust the light to make it is easy to look. 4. Take more fruits and vegetables. 5. Drop eye drops if it is really painful. Having to work on computers for hours and hours, day in day out, can result in eye strain or injury. Over time, vision may become impaired, eye pain may be felt and ability to adapt to different light may also reduce. Thus, to protect your eyes from getting such symptoms, here are some tips that you can easily follow for your own eye care.
  • walkingfetus


    Now a lot of work can not leave the computers which become the necessary part in our life. In order to protect your eyes, you could wear the computer goggles when you use the computer which will protect your eyes from the radiation. However, you should still not use the computer for a long time. You need to have the rest for the eyes now and then.
  • Jenya


    That is true. You will feel uncomfortable when you use too much computer. Your eyes will be itching, swelling and the like. Here are some small tips for protecting your eyes. One thing is that you need a rest after working in several consecutive hours. Next, drink more green tea which is helpful for protecting your eyes from electromagnetic radiation. Or you can just put radiation-proof screen on your computer. The third one, maintaining a correct posture is also a good way.