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What to do if hot grease gets in eye?

I’m so upset because I hot a bit of hot grease into my eyes when I cook. My eyes pain and i feel difficult to open the eyes. Is there any good way to treat my eyes?
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  • enycelilbabii


    You need to go to see a doctor immediately. The moment you are burned, you should have washed your eyes with clean running water. The cold water can lower the temperature of wounds and avoid deterioration. Meanwhile, the tap water can relieve the pain. When you see the doctor, he may prescribe antibiotic and steriod eye drops for you. These eye drops help to relieve your pain and cure the inflammation. You may also need to keep the wounds clean. Also, you need food with high protein. Quit smoking, drinking and pungent food.
  • bell


    Ok, sounds like it is a little bit serious because hot oil may leave your eyes hurt because of its high temperature, and your eyes would be painful and have blurry vision. Thus, you should get to use normal saline to deal with the damages, and visit an eye doctor before it is too late. And avoid rubbing your eyes for that would make infections happen. Good luck.
  • Faith cook


    Try cold compresses against your eyes. Cold compresses will relieve the pain while your body heals itself because your body naturally develops tears and inflammatory effect to rid the foreign objects. If the hot grease causes burns, see your physician for possible cream/ointment to put on your eyelid and skin. Hope this helpful.


    It is painful and bad for you to get the hot grease in your eyes when you cook. You should firstly have the good rest for the eyes. You could find the cold water and clean cloth to do the cold compress to make the eyes feel comfortable. After it releases to some degree, you could use the eye drops to make the eyes become moisture.