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Jason lester


Does staring at the sun make you go blind?

It really hurt if you stare at the sun. Will it make eyes go blind? Why or why not?
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  • Hebbe


    It is bad to look at the sun, for it can damage your eyes, and in some cases, it can also lead to blindness. First, you should know that according to some experts, by looking at the sun, it can kill the cells in the retina. So when someone stares at the sun, the cells in the retina die. That is to say, a blind spot forms or general blindness can occur in especially bad cases. So you are not supposed to watch the sun in naked eyes. To solve the problem, you can buy the tool which is designed for the watching use. With them, it can be safe for you to have a watch.
  • Noah rupert


    Usually, staring at the sun will be bad for the eyes which may cause the eyes to water. However, it will not cause the eyes go blind only if you are near the sun too close. But you'd better wear the sunglasses when you are out because it can protect your eyes from the strong lights and uv.
  • Ethan


    Yes, it could that. Staring at the sun is extremely dangerous and it would cause permanent damage to the eyes. Just like the skin, the eye is an extremely sensitive area that could be burned by UV rays. The human eye restricts bright light naturally, but that process itself creates a focused stream of light pointed directly at the macula. The macula is the part of the eye in charge of the major portion of vision. This kind of intense exposure can literally create a burn on the surface of the eye causing the cells to blister and crack.

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