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How long do special effect contact lenses last?

I have bought a pair of special effect contact lenses for the Halloween two weeks ago. Should i throw the lenses right now? How long do special effect contact lenses last?
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  • Jordan smith


    Yeah,Halloween is just past.We also have a good time with pairs of special effect contact lenses. As for the problem that throw the lenses right now or not. Personally,you should throw the lenses.On one side,special effect contact lenses are being put in direct contact with the eye. As a result,serious medical conditions can develop if abused.On another side,the next Halloween is one year's later.You can't make sure that special effect contact lenses are useful.So throw it away.
  • Benji


    The colored contact lenses are just like the transparent contact lenses, dividing into several types according to the using time. They can be divided into everyday disposable, month, half a year and yearly contact lenses. You should base on your type of contact lenses to use it. However, you should keep in mind that not using it after the expired time.