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Why do i have eye swelling after sneezing?

I just got several sneezes , but i see myself in a mirror with swelling eyes. So, what causes that?
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  • emiliaenespanol


    The sneezes will cause the vibrating movement of the eye nerves. However, your problem is a little serious. The light symptom is watering after the sneezes. You'd better go to see the doctor and have a full check on the eyes. This problem should not be ignored and should be treated as soon as possible.
  • Miranda clark


    I never heard that sneeze can cause eye swelling. And the swelling eyes is a very common among many people. And swelling eyes can be caused by Eye Styes and Chalazion, Pink Eye, Graves' Disease and Herpes Infection and Allergies etc. But it can also caused by lacking of sleeping and tiredness. So, you'd better see a doctor.
  • Erin


    Did you get any hurt? Usually orbital emphysema is caused by forceful entry of air into the orbital soft tissue spaces following an orbital fracture. So if you got hurt, for example your noses got hit by basketball when playing it, then you may have eye swelling after sneezing. If you do not get any hurt, only sneezing may also cause eye swelling. When you are sneezing, if there are air enters into the orbital soft tissue spaces, and make orbital pressure increase beyond the mechanical strength of the orbital septum and air passes freely from the orbital into the eyelid, that will result in orbital emphysema and yet what you said as eye swelling.
  • Yaron Cheng


    The reason of sneeze is just because his obesity figure, or partial obesity, e.g. tonsil. Few people may caused by the abnormal of nasal parts. The obesity person’s air passage of respiratory system will be narrow than average people. If his Pharyngeal organization jammed when he fall asleep, the air pass through the narrow place of the nose, the nose and pharyngeal parts shake, the sneeze will happen. The abnormal nasal parts will lead to nasal system narrow, the flow choking lead to sneeze. You know when you got sneezes, you are not sleep well, it will affect your quality of relax and sleep. The airl vent of your body will be congest some how. And the blood around your eyes will congest for the bad circulation. The blood circulation will be accelerated and it leads to the osmotic pressure enlarge between the blood and tissue spaces, the local edema will happen.
  • ballsack


    i dont even know

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