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Is it possibe to re-polish reading glasses?

I get scratches on my reading glasses lenses. I want to re-polish my reading glasses to make them less noticeable. Is it possible to do that?
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  • 04/13/2012

    Some scratches can't be removed from glasses lenses completely.You can re-polish them to make them less noticeable by using Pledge,then rub the lenses in a circle.Finally rinse and wipe the lenses with a clean cotton cloth.
  • green


    Yes. You can apply some special polish to make the scratches less noticeable. Spray your lenses with silver polish. And use a soft cotton cloth to polish your lenses. Then wipe the lenses with a fresh cotton cloth. Fianlly the scratches will be less noticeable.
  • Alexandria


    Well, if the scratches are not very deep, I think you can remove them from your lenses. But if there are lots of deep scratches on your lenses, I will suggest you to buy a pair of new reading glasses for instead. Too many deep scratches will affect our vision when we use the glasses for reading or writing. It can't correct your vision problems anymore so we may suffer from eye strain and fatigue if we use a pair of scratched glasses.
  • Celina


    I have tried M1708 Plastic Cleaner. I think it is quite good. I've used a combo of M1008 and M1708 too. It can help clear up some severe scratches. You can also apply more PlastX on your scratched lenses and then polish them with a piece of clean cloth. Once I saw a person recommend many products to help remove scratches on our lenses. You can have a look on Is it possible to re-polish prescription reading glasses? If possible, how can I repolish my reading eyegalsses? Good luck!