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Does blepharitis cause eyelashes to fall out?

Can blepharitis lead to eyelashes to fall out? It sounds strange. But is it possible?
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  • Connor scott


    Yes, it is possible that blepharitis lead to eyelashes to fall out. Because blepharitis usually involves the part of the eyelid where the eyelashes grow and it can also cause eyelid inflammation. So the falling out of eyelashes is coming. What's more, eyelashes can also turn inward, and corneal ulcers may form. And the cause of eyelashes loss can also be the improper use of mascara. Pay attention to that and good luck!
  • Hunter jackson


    Yes, blepharitis will lead to eyelashes to fall out. Blepharitis is commonly known as black rim of the eyes. The blepharitis skin and eyelash root of chronic inflammation has a tendency to recur. It is often caused by chronic conjunctivitis refractive error a dusty or irritating gas long-term stimulus or weak life. The infected eyelashes root will cause the eyelashes to fall out. Self-conscious symptom is urticant painful eye, dry feeling and visual fatigue. In some cases, the risk of bacterial infection department will be serious which will cause small ulcers, making eyelash be off palpebral scurfy into the eye. In addition, it can also cause conjunctivitis. You need to pay attention to this. You could keep the good diet, good hygiene habit and good rest. You may also need to take the medical care to make your eyes feel comfortable. You may use the eyes drops to release the symptom. You could also use the warm compress to make your eyes feel comfortable.
  • dale


    Well, it's possible to lead to eyelashes fall out during your blepharitis. Eyelashes will fall out everyday like hair, this phenomena is the basic embodiment of metabolism. In daily life, eye flashes are not noticeable. So these days you are suffering blepharitis and found that eyelashes falling out. All these just you pay little attention on them in daily life. However, your blepharitis must be healed. Blepharitis owns many symptoms included eye itchy, eye pain, burning eyes and eye dry. Thus you must keep contact with an oculist and seek the real causes of your conditions included eyelashes falling out. By the way, do not rub you eyes with fingers, or virtus and germs can easily skip into them and make conditions much worse than before.

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