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Does warm compress help pink eye?

can i use warm compress to treat my pink eyes? Will it help?
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  • Danielle


    Yes, you could use the warm compress to treat your pink eyes. However you need to take notice of the hygiene of the cloth. You should wash it clearly for the next use. As we know, the pink eyes are contagious. You'd better use the disinfect materials to clean the cloth. However, the warm compress will make your eyes feel comfortable and get recovery soon.
  • walking_poeticx


    The answer is definitely yes. No matter cold compresses or warm compresses can be used to help pink eye. If an allergy is the problem, a cool compress may feel better. If it's infection what causes the pink eye, a warm and moist compress may soothe your eye and help reduce redness and swelling. And warm, moist compresses can spread infection from one eye to the other. So use a different compress for each eye, and use a clean compress for each application. Here are some tips to care after pinkeye has been diagnosed: 1. If you wear contacts, remove them and wear glasses until your symptoms have gone away completely. 2. Do not go to day care or school or go to work until pinkeye has improved. 3. Use medicine as directed. Medicine may include eye drops and ointment. And for pinkeye related to allergies, antihistamines may help relieve your symptoms.
  • everetthol


    Yes it will be quite helpful by using a warm compress when you suffer pink eyes. Warm compress for pinkeye will help reduce your pain and keep your eye free of drainage. Because warm compresses to the eye will promote blood circulations and healing. You can also use a clean surface to clean your eye, usually from the inside to outside, so that drainage will be cleaned away and not rubbed back into the eye. Besides, there are two causes of pink eyes, allergy and infections. If caused by an allergy, a cool compress may feel better. If the pinkeye is caused by an infection, a warm, moist compress may soothe your eye and help reduce redness and swelling. What's more, If you wear contacts, take off them until your symptoms have totally gone away and completely clean your contacts and storage case. Finally remember to get plenty of sleep to relax your eyes as much as possible during pink eyes.