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Danielle lewis


Do eye drops help watery eyes?

My eyes always watery in recent days. Why? Can i use eye drops to reduce it? Does it work?
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  • Isabel


    Yeah, it is very common to have the watery eyes in our daily life. As usual, there are many reasons that can cause the watery eyes, such as the eye inflammation, tear drainage obstruction and the dry eyes. By far, the dry eyes are the most common cause of the watery eyes. As a matter of the fact, if you want to find the way to get rid of the watery eyes, you should first find out the reason why you have the watery eyes. That is say, if your watery eyes are cause because of the eye inflammation and dry eyes, you can take some eye drops to cure the watery eyes, besides, the result is also good after using the eye drops. However, if your watery eyes is cause by the tear drainage obstruction, i think you should ask help from the pros and then the doctor will give you some useful pills.
  • Jonathan griffin


    What are watery eyes? What do cause watery eyes indeed? I think most people have zero knowledge about it though you may be suffering watery eyes. Watery eyes are tears keeping draining from eyes and tears help keep the surface of the eye moist. Well, I have listed several factors that cause watery eyes: bright light, eye irritation, scrape on the eye, conjunctivitis(pink eye), even fore gin matters. Laughing and eye strain can also add tearing. Basic eye drops can work on watery eyes. However, consider the real causes of your eye irritation before any home care being taken. Eyes are one of the most important parts for our body. So if there are any wrong with eyes, keeping in mind that treating yourself under the instruction of a doctor or correct treatment guidance.
  • Ieff


    Your watery eyes may be caused by the eyes infection. You could use the eye drops with anti-inflammation to reduce the symptom of watery eyes. The eye drops should be owned with anti-inflammation role. In addition, you could do the warm compress before you go to bed which will make your eyes feel better.