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Michael anderson


What benefits can i get from prescription sports goggles?

I have myopia and i must wear prescription glasses while playing basketball. One of my friends suggests me to buy prescription sports goggles. Do they really help me?
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  • Marissa george


    Yes, prescription sports goggles can really help you. Any part of our body could be hurt by the flying ball or other players' elbows, and eyes are very fragile, so they need special protection. If you just wear normal glasses when you place basketball, the lenses and frame are easy to break. What's more, the fragments of the broken lenses may get into your eyes and hurt them. This could cause your eyes suffer from eye diseases, or even worse make you lose your sight. So, wearing a pair of sports goggles is very important.
  • Ariana


    Since you have myopia, prescription sports goggles are the idea choices for you to get vision aids while not affect your performance of playing basketball. Besides, with the sports goggles, they can also shield your eyes from some potential dangers during the sports activities. So, It is really worthy to try.

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