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What causes blurry vision during pregancy?

I am having blurry vision when i'm pregnant. Any pregnant women or was pregnant has blurry vision just like me? What causes blurred vision pregnancy?
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  • Sig


    Many expected mother will suffer vision problem during pregnancy 7 to 9 months. When they see near things, they will find blurry vision. This symptom may be caused by changes of hormone and blood circulation after pregnancy. With these changes, the function of some organs will be influenced, such as narrow vision, blurry vision, etc. If you suffer this symptom, do not be worried. This is not permanent disorder. Most of the pregnant women will recover slowly after delivery.
  • ELLIOTT Wallace


    During pregnancy, The changes of hormones will decrease tear production. And the reducing of tear further cause eye dryness, discomfort as well as irritation. Some times, people will feel vision decrease during pregnancy. So, it is normal for some pregnant feel blurred vision. But don't worry, it will recover after you give birth of baby.
  • walkingthedog


    When you are pregnant, pregnancy hormones will decrease tear production so that lead to eye dryness, irritation, and discomfort. Hormones will also cause fluid buildup in your eyes, which can lead to changes in the curvature of your eye. In fact, blurry vision during pregnancy is quite common and normally last for a short term. And please pay attention to the following things: if you are a glasses wearer, do not change a new one until your baby is born; try to wear glasses instead of contact lenses; if your notice blurry vision don't go away, or double vision persists for more than two hours, call your practitioner at once to check out the reason and have a treatment.

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