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Miranda hall


Can i put prescription lenses in goggles

I can't see clearly due to my high myopia. i do not want to wear goggles over my prescription glasses. Can i put prescription lenses to my goggles?
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  • chosen_cookie


    Of course you can put prescription lenses in your goggles. You just need to buy a pair of prescription goggles. If you can't find it in your local store, you can search e-bay for prescription goggles. I got my prescription goggles one year ago online for only $40 and they fit me very well. Also you could ask your local shop if they can fit your prescription glasses in your new goggles frames.
  • Christopher


    Yes, prescription goggles are really for it. What you need to do is get an eye check for an prescription. Using that prescription to order prescription goggles from some sports equipments shops or eyeglasses shops. Nevertheless, i heard that too strong prescription are not recommend of prescription goggles for the sake of giving your comfortable vision.