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CeCe Bazel


Will unopened contact lenses expire?

I have a pair of contact lenses unopened. When I bought the contacts, the seller told me that we can wear the lenses at most 30 days. Now, it is 40 days ago, but i didn't open the lenses yet. So, will the unopened contact lenses expire? Can I wear them?
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  • eden540


    You shall look at the expiration date on the contact lenses boxes. If they are not overdue the date that manufacturer promised, you can wear the lenses. But if the contact lenses is overdue that date that manufacturer promised, I strongly recommend you to throw the contact lenses away. Using overdue contact lenses, the safety and efficacy of the product cannot be guaranteed.
  • Kevin percy


    Yes, it could. In general, every physical object has its lifecycle as well as the contact lens. It's common to see that there is an expiration date on contact lens package. Because of the contact lens would directly touch people's eyes, not like the normal glasses. They can be unopened and kept in a very good condition. However, a special kind of liquid is used for storing the contact lenses. That is to say, the contact lenses are kept in salt liquid, and the liquid eventually evaporates and leaves the salt finally. Hence, you couldn't use the pair of contact lenses if they are expired.