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How much do fashion prescription sunglasses usually cost?

I do have myopia and one of my friends told me that there is such a good thing called perception sunglasses that can help me see clearly, protect my eyes and make me fashionable. I am in need of prescription sunglasses. Are they expensive? How much do they cost?
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  • carpediem__


    Prescription sunglasses are really good sunglasses for people who need vision aids. By wearing prescription sunglasses, you can see things clearly and get eye protection against UV rays. Some prescription sunglasses will cost you several hundreds and some are less than fifty dollars. Prescription sunglasses in different stores have different prices. If you are looking for cheap prescription sunglasses, you should buy them online.
  • ryan


    It is depending on where you buy and which style you choose. To some online shop, you can get fashion prescription sunglasses at less than 100 hundreds. But to some eyeglasses shop. It may spend hundreds of dollars even thousand dollars. So, if you want to buy cheap and good prescription sunglasses, you can search it online.

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