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Ariana oliver


Can i wear cycling goggles over my precription glasses?

I love cycling but i have myopia. Can i wear my cycling goggles over my glasses? Or is there goggle that can make me see clearly and then i don't need to wear prescription glasses when cycling?
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  • Jackson raphael


    I am afraid that it is not comfortable to wear cycling goggles over the prescription glasses. The cycling goggle can provide you the protection from dust, wind and dirt when you are riding. It is designed to fit with your eye. If you wear the prescription glasses inside the goggles, it must be very tight and too much pressure is on your nose and eyes. But don't worry. There are already prescription sports goggles in the market for such you guys. You can go to store to find a suitable prescription goggle for yourself.
  • Justin


    Generally speaking, the idea that persons wear the cycling goggles over the prescription glasses is not reasonable and wise. As for the sports lovers who suffer from vision problems, there are various kinds of prescription sports glasses. The prescription cycling goggles are suggested to take if you want to see clearly when you are riding. They will offer you good eye protection, clear clarity and protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.