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What Eye Drops Are Used for Pink Eye Treatment?

I have an eye infection. I think it is pink eye. My eyes are red and itchy. Can you tell me how to cure it? Is there any eye drops for pink eye?
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  • Shureluck


    You can use antibiotic eye drops for bacterial pink eye, and anti viral eye drops for viral pink eye. Bacterial and viral pink eye is contagious. You should be careful not to infect others. You can't share towel pillow and eye drops with others. And you need to wash your hand with soaps if you often rub your eyes with hands, because the bacteria or viral on your hand can infect others. You can apply artificial tears to moisten your eyeballs but they can't help cure your infection.
  • Sue


    If you just got the allergic pink eye, it will recover on its own after few days if you stop touching the allergens. But you can also use artificial tears to lubricate your eyes and relieve the redness and dryness. You can also place a piece of ice on your closed eyes to calm down the inflammation. But I think you'd better see an eye doctor immediately.

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