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Gregory A Meetze


Is it ok to soak contacts in eye drops?

I run out of my contact lens solution. How can i keep my contact lenses right now? Can i soak the lenses in eye drops?
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  • Rebecca


    I would not recommend that at all, just because contact lens solutions have cleaning properties and the eye drops do not.
    Also it can distort your contacts if they are not designed for contact lens use.
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  • Benji


    I think you can't soak the contacts in eye drops. The chemical ingredient in the eye drops will have chemical reaction with your contacts and may bring damage to your contacts. You can put your contacts in purified waters for just one night or you can keep your contacts in artificial tears for just one night. Hope this can help you.
  • c_wilde


    Dear friend, don't put your contacts in eye drops unless it is artificial tears. And don't put your contacts in water too. Once I did that, the contacts hurt my eyes the next day and made my eyes red and sting. I think the best way to solve the problem is to buy a new bottle of contact lens solutions in a nearby drug store or shop.

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