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Jordan smith


Does Thyroid Cause Eye Problems ?

I have thyroid. I am suffering from some eye problems recently. I want to know does thyroid cause eye problems? What are the symptoms? How to treat these eye problems?
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  • Jocelyn griffin


    Thyroid will lead to some eye problems which begin with the symptom of swollen tissue around our eyes, watery eyes, light sensitivity, swollen eyes and retraction of the eyelids. And patients may have protrusion of one or both eyes. These eye problems are caused by thyroid, so if we cure thyroid, we can relieve these symptoms.
  • Matthew baker


    Thyroid can cause many eye problems. Blurred visions, watery eyes, protrude eyes and swollen eyes are the most common symptoms. Proptosis can stretch and further compress our optic nerve then cause blurred vision. And this may lead to impaired color vision or permanent vision loss. So I think regular eye exams are necessary for thyroid patients to prevent eye problems.