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Catherine williams


What Autoimmune Diseases Cause Eye Problems?

Which kind of autoimmune disease will cause eye problems? I have dryness and pain in my eyes. Need I see a doctor immediately?
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  • etilnus


    There are more than 80 different autoimmune disorders, catalog the impacts on our vision may be very difficult. And autoimmune disorders can affect every inch of our body. they can affect our eyes too. If you have dryness, cloudiness, pain, blurriness, or light sensitivity, you need to see an eye doctor immediately.
  • walgreens_1


    Autoimmune diseases such as behcet disease and lupus can cause eye problems. behcet disease is a rare autoimmune disorder that is a leading cause of blindness. Lupus may lead to eye inflammation. if you have some kinds of autoimmune disease, you may suffer from the symptoms of blurred vision, dry eyes, sore eyes, sensitivity to light or even headaches.

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