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Is herpes in the eye contagious?

It is very terrible to have herpes in the eyes. Are they contagious? Any ideas?
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  • Theron


    Herpes, also called heat boils, is a kind of herpes virus caused by viral skin disease. If you have the great stress during this time because of the busy work or the personal emotional thing, you may have the herpes in the eyes which will make you not have the good mood. However, it is not contagious, not like the pink eyes. However, the appearance of herpes is so disgusting. When it affects the eyes, it may cause the effect of the corneal. You'd better go to see the doctor and have the treatment as soon as possible. Or else, the herpes in the eyes may affect the vision.
  • Anthony


    Yes. Eye herpes, also called ocular herps, is contagious. They usually caused by 1 herpes simplex virus. If you suffers from eye herpes, you'd better see a doctor to check how severity and location of the virus, so as to take the right treatment options to help you. Usually, most of people with eye herpes choose antiviral ointments or pills to help them. To some people who have severe eye herpes, they will choose surgery.
  • creepozoid


    There are two kinds of herpes. One is the most common and causing the familiar "cold sore" or "fever blisters." This kind of herpes is very contagious and is transmitted by skin contact with someone who has the virus. It can also bring inflammation and scarring of the cornea. The other kind of herpes is the sexually transmitted form of herpes affecting the genitals. Both OF them can spread to the eye and cause infection and some other eye diseases. So you need to pay attention and avoid touching with the people who get this herpes. Always be aware of the hygienism.
  • Shelby rodney


    Well, yes, they can be contagious. First you should know that the herpes virus can spread from the eye’s surface layers to deeper parts of the cornea. So if no proper treatment is applied, it can be dangerous. Also, active herpes virus in the eye can be contagious through close contact, bringing inflammation and scarring of the cornea. If you have eye herpes, it can lead to other symptoms, such as irritation, sudden and severe ocular pain, cloudy cornea and blurry vision, sore and red eye, and headache. To treat it, you can use anti-viral eye drops and ointments, which are effective to treat superficial corneal infections. Anyway, you can have a try.

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