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Can you wear contact lenses on a sunbed?

Is it OK if i wear contact lenses when i lay on a sunbed?
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  • Vanessa edward


    It's true that some people said they do wear their contact lenses when they have their sunbed, and there is no problem. But my suggestion is that you'd better not wear your lenses when you lay in a sunbed, which still has some risks both for your eyes and lenses.Because the heat from the sun can easily make your contact lenses dry out, even in the danger of crackle. What's more, the ultraviolet rays will also be very harmful for your contact lenses.So you'd better not wear contact lenses when you are laying in a sunbed.
  • Jade


    I don't suggest you do to this because the sun lights are too strong which will damage your eyes. And it is easily for your eyes to get infection which may become red after the laying in a sun bed. You should wear a pair of sunglasses with uv coating part to protect your eyes which will at the same time make your eyes feel comfortable.