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What is the role of zinc in eye health?

I heard that intake more food with rich zinc is good for eyes. So, what benefits can we get from zinc?
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  • Ghassan S.


    Zinc could help prevent or slow down the progression of serious eye disorders. It is a mineral that helps promote a healthy immune system, healing and proper cell function. Firstly, it is useful for reducing the risk of advanced damage from macular degeneration. It is a serious condition that occurs when the cells of the macula to break down, thus causes permanent loss of central vision. And insufficient volume of zinc could increase the risk of cataract, which occurs when protein in the eye's natural lens breaks down to lead to blurry vision. You should select the food that could provide adequate amount of zinc in a daily basis, such as beef, milk, eggs. But you should intake it by considering health conditions and risk factors for eye disease.
  • colddaz


    Yes, if you want to protect the eyes vision, you should intake more food with rich zinc which is very good for the eyes. According to scientific research, zinc have the role of promoting the absorption of vitamin A. The absorption of vitamin A from zinc can be stored in the liver. When the human body needs, it will let vitamin A transfer to the blood. This process is basically relied on zinc to complete the mobilization work. In the visual function, the zinc participates in vitamin A metabolism, making the retina. The retinal synthesis zinc deficiency in vitamin A reduction enzyme activity is restricted which may appear nyctalopia retinal and pigment membrane's metabolism. The lack of zinc will inevitably affect visual function. The zinc can restrain the corneal perforation, pseudomonas protease activity, reduces or avoids eyeball perforation and so on. In a word, zinc is so important for the eye vision.