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Shelby rodney


Are computer glasses the same as reading glasses? If not, is there one type of glasses that enables you to do both?

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  • walksonthabeach


    No. computer glasses are different from the reading glasses. The distance for computer glasses is from your eyes to the computer screen, while reading glasses are designed for a arm's length. So reading glasses are only used for near viison and computer glasses for mid range. However, there is a kind of computer reading glasses called computer bifocals which can help you with both reading and computer use.
  • Andri

    06/21/2012 glasses are used to accommodate your vision for mid range.We wear them only while using computer.But reading glasses are used for focusing on the near objects. So computer glasses are not the same as reading glasses. You cannot wear reading glasses for computer use, or computer glasses for reading, either.
  • Luke oliver


    Computer glasses are not the same as reading glasses. There is a coating on lenses. This coating can help block reflections and glare from computer screens. If you have myopia, you can wear a pair of computer glasses. If you have presbyopia, you can wear computer glasses too. But you can wear reading glasses only if you have presbyopia.
  • evrydyisystrdy


    Which kind of vision problem do you have? I think you'd better have your eyesight checked by an eye doctor first. And tell him or her that you want to buy a pair of computer glasses. Then they can give you a prescription for you to order a pair of computer glasses. But when I have an eye exam in an optical store, the optician told me that she will make a pair of computer glasses for me if I show her my prescription next time.But I also can buy a pair of prescription glasses with the same prescription. So I don't know what's the difference between a prescription for computer glasses and a prescription for regular glasses. I don't know whether she is professional or not. but I just doubt about that. Anybody can tell me the difference about this?
  • Daniel


    In my experience, computer glasses take into account the distance from our eyes to the computer screen. When compared with reading distance, I think there is something different. You better take your prescription with you and consult an optician for a pair of computer glasses.