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Ariana oliver


What vegetables are good for dark circles?

I have dark circles. I heard that some home remedies can help it. So, i wonder can i get help from taking some proper vegetables. If so, What vegetables are good for dark circles?
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  • clam_i_am


    Dark circles appear when people's blood circulations are bad, then sleeplessness may also lead to dark circle, or even make the recovery session last for too long. You can eat food which is full of vitamin A, B and E, such as carrot, leafy vegetables, oranges, banana, etc. Lemon juice can be so much helpful, and olive oil, coconut oil and walnut oil, tee tree oil can be added into your daily meal as well.


    Yes, there are some vegetables which are good for your dark circles. The dark circles are always caused by the not normal diet, lack of iron, smoking, drinking, gloomy mood, worries over and so on. The endocrine system or liver ill may also cause it. The lack of physical exercise and physical labor could make bad circulation in the whole body which will cause the dark circles. In addition, the excessive sex and congenital genetic will also cause the dark circles. If your dark circles are caused by the liver function, you need to eat celery garden chrysanthemum and green vegetables and fruits. You should eat more citrus. If your dark circles are caused by the lack of powder mass of iron and vitamin C, you should daily intake the nutrition, such as rice, pork, liver, spinach, tomato and other food. You should drink a cup of carrot juice or tomato juice which contains carotene that has the function of eliminating eye fatigue. In addition, you could use the warm compress to make your eyes feel comfortable.

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