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What is the latest eyeglasses styles for 2013?

Do you have any idea on the latest eyeglasses style for 2013? And i have a round baby face. Can you give me some suggestion on choosing the latest style eyeglasses?
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  • Hebbe


    All the celebrated brands published their glasses for spring 2013. And the retro style can't be out of fashion. For your baby face, you need some glasses with big frame, And you can choose any color you like. Big frame with a little bit square-shaped may be suitable for you. I'm not sure, because your nose and hair style are also important when you choose glasses. So, you'd better shop at real store.
  • crystaljade


    The nerd eyeglasses will still be hot in 2013. You should not just follow the fashionable trend of the eyeglasses in 2013. You could just base on your face shape to choose the suitable type. You could choose the square lenses of the eyeglasses to make you look mature. You could just choose the black flames which will be suitable to match with other types of clothing.

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