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Ghassan S.


Are tortoise shell glasses frames flattering?

How do you think of tortoise shell glasses frames? Do you like it? Or do you think they are flattering?
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  • Falcon


    Well, yes, they are flattering. So you can just buy them and have a try. Generally speaking, this kind of glasses is made of tortoise shell, which is a material produced mainly from the shell of the hawksbill turtle. And it was widely used until the 1970s in the manufacture of items such as combs, guitar picks and knitting needles, especially glasses. According to many people, its durability and its organic warmth against the skin make people feel well. And they can just make you look beautiful and cool. So you can just have a try.
  • b3mine_x3


    In my opinion, the tortoise shell glasses frames are creative and flattering. Unlike the common glasses frames, the tortoise shell glasses are special at the whole design. Some stars wear them to show the so unique and special character which attracts a lot of fans. The unique and special things will always attract a lot of people.