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Does tea tree oil work for dry eyes?

Can tea oil help people with dry eyes? If so, how can i apply it to help dry eyes?
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  • Jerry H.


    Tea oil can be helpful when you have dry eyes. However, you'd better not to use that directly to your eyes, because your eyes can't absorb the oil when they are full of your eyes. You can add tea oil in your daily meal. And if you want to recover soon, you should try to use artificial tears. They can make your eyes relieve immediately after using them.
  • chrissyonline


    Well, yes, tea tree oil can be good for dry eyes. Generally speaking, there are many symptoms occurring, someone has dry eyes. For example, some people will often feel discomfort. And their eyes can be burning, gritty, red, and watery. Besides, they will have blurred vision, irritation, inflammation, or the feeling of something in the eye. At this moment, you can just try tea tree oil, which can do a good job to dry eyes, for it contains a cosmetic product. And then, because of purcelin oil, it will be good too. So you can just have a try.
  • handril


    Yes, the tea oil will help you with your dry eyes because of the moisture role. You could apply it around the eyes skin which could make the eyes skin become smooth and moisture. You could have a try. You could also use the eyes drops to make the dry eyes release a little. The warm compress could also be worked.