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CeCe Bazel


What is standard base curve for contact lenses?

I just got a check up and the doctor didn't check my base curve or diameter. Now i need some contacts and i am wondering if there is a standard base curve.
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  • William clive


    The standard base curve for anybody's eyes is 8.4, diameter- 14.0. However, contact lenses are available in different curvatures. Fortunately, there are various methods to measure contact lens base curve. Firstly, use an optical ruler to measure the diameter of the lenses. Secondly, make sure the curve of a lens with lens clock. Thirdly, use a lensometer to calculate the lens strength. Fourthly, work out the measurements of a toric lens by finding the lens orientation specifications. Finally, determine measurements by the way of using an optical advice called aberrometer. The process is kind of complex and need some optical tools. So it is much easier to go back your doctor to ask for help.
  • Luthy


    There is no standard base curve for contact lenses because all eyes aren't all the same. The most common base curve would be BC 8.7mm. If you are not sure about your base curve, please don't guess. You'll need to consult with your eye care professional about this. The proper base curve for your eyes is something that can only be determined by a contact lens fitting.