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Marissa george


How to make your eyes not glossy?

My eyes appear glossy. Is there any way to make my eyes not so glossy? Any suggestion?
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  • Luis williams


    Is there really somebody who does not care about the charm of the eyes? Is there anything bad with the glossy eyes? There have a good way to make your eyes not so glossy, that is wearing colorful contact lenses, and especially the dark colored contact lenses will cover most of the gloss of your own. If you stay up for a long time in the night, I can sure your eyes will lose gloss in the morning. Eat less vegetable which full of vitamin and carotene will also lead to the same effect. Anyway, hope everything goes well with you!
  • Nat


    If your eyes look glossy, you should check whether they are the glassy eyes. If it is, you should use some eye drops with anti-inflammation to release the symptom. If it is not, you could use the makeup to make your eyes look not that glossy. You could use the eye shadow to make the eyes look not that glossy. You should not wear the colored contact lenses which will make your eyes look glossy too.

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