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Hunter jackson


How to make your eyes not look droopy?

I got droopy eyes. Do you know any good idea that can make my eyes look less droopy? How can i get rid of it?
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  • Sonya


    There really has some method for you to get rid of droopy eyes and make it bright with gloss. You can take some exercises of your eyes, rolling your eyes after your get up in the morning. The movements including looking up and down, left and right, turning around, opening and closing. Keep this exercises for over half month, the people around your must tell you that your eyes sparkle and charming. You would also go out for some journey, to watching the flying birds and swimming fish under the clear water. To searching their trace and never stop for some days. The results will be great! Of course, some fresh vegetable and fruit will also help to increase the nutrients supplements for your eyes. Then the exercises and food working together will give you the wonderful eyes in a short time.
  • Andrew bell


    In order to make your eyes look not that droopy, you could use some oil essential around the eyes part to make the nutrition get absorbed. You could also use the makeup to make the eyes look not that droopy by using the eye shadow and other things. If you want to get rid of the droopy eyes, you could do the surgery which could be safe and effective.
  • Jason lester


    As to droopy eyes, it can happen to one upper eyelid or both. If you just mean puffiness with droopy eyes, there are some ways out of this situation. Apply some ice compress on eyelids could help relieve the puffiness, which could tighten the puffy and flabby eyelids. Do a little massage with some vitamin E oil, which could help the blood circulation around eyes, make the puffiness go away soon. However there is a kind of disease named as droopy eye or ptosis in medical terms. People might be born with ptosis, which is congenital or hereditary. There is another possibly that ptosis might be caused by aging related problem. Because as we are aging, we are losing collage and the elasticity of skin so that the upper eyelids might get lower and lower. The worst situation of ptosis is the upper eyelids cover the eyeballs, which might lead to amblyopia. There is no other effective treatment to ptosis other than surgery. This kind of surgery is blepharoplasty. Only this surgery could solve the ptosis problem. I am not sure what situation you are in, yet you could check and see if any symptom fit your case and try to solve it with proper treatment. Good luck!