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Does anyone know what can cause glassy eyes?

I got glassy eyes. It looks like a nerd. Can you tell me what factors can cause glassy eyes?
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  • Kyle owen


    The glassy eyes will look like the watery eyes which will make you look like a nerd. There are many ways to cause the glassy eyes. If you get the eyes infection, you will find that you may have the high possibility of getting the glassy eyes. You could use the eye drops to release the symptom.
  • James taylor


    Ok, I can see that you are suffering from your glassy eyes which could do damage to your looks. Generally speaking, it is one complicated in a sense because we barely know what precisely led to it you know? However, typically, it has something to do with our brains or our mental status. Physical factors and mental factors could affect it. So, you should try to examine your body and eyes.
  • Allison


    Glassy eyes indeed make people look listless. There are many factors which might cause glassy eyes. Elevated thyroid level can cause glassy eyes. It is called Grave's disease too. It is a disorder of our immune system which produces too much thyroid hormones. Eye viral infections, such as Conjunctivits might cause watering eyes and reder eyes glassy look finally. Chickenpox or shingles also make it possible for people to get glassy eyes. It might be associated with hypoglycemia, which means the blood sugar level of patient is lower than normal standards. Besides of glassy eyes, hypoglycemia can cause other symptoms such as visual disturbances, blurry vision, cognitive behavior or even seizures in some rare cases. It is also possible that your glassy eyes are caused by some certain medication which is usually used to depress central nervous system. Normally speaking, glassy eyes are not a big problem. You can check all the causes stated above, and see if any fit your situation. If needed, visiting a doctor at your earliest is a smart choice.