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Cathy Dailey


Why have nerdy glasses become cool?

Why do People think it's cool to wear those Nerdy Glasses?
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  • cat_w101


    Nerdy glasses are quite popular among both men and women now. It does look cool especially on girls. Nerdy glasses are considered as one of an typical retro vintage style glasses. Although once a time nerd glasses were considered as old fashion glasses. But in recent years, with the back to fashion of retro vintage eyeglasses, nerdy glasses become fashion again.


    It is a new trend. The nerdy glasses can be paired with both hip-hop clothing and even a full on suit. They are also suitable for girls to wear to go out or join in a party. Nerdy glasses are particularly prevalent on college campuses in which the students think that nerdy glasses make them look learned. What's more, our generation seems to view nerdy glasses as a healthy indication of open mindedness, creativity, imagination and a style of vintage. There are Wayfarer-Style Nerd Glasses, Clark Kent-Style Nerd Glasses ,Half-Frame Nerd Glasses and Costume Nerd Glasses for you to choose.
  • Johnny W.


    I think they are two contradict words in literal meaning. But it doesn't mean they can't be changed to the other. "Nerdy glasses" in the eyes of some people may be nerdy, but in some other people's eyes, they may be cool. Furthermore, "cool" is the feeling taken by fashion things mostly. So, if the nerdy glasses become a kind of fashion, they can be cool. For example, the glasses of Harry Potter are nerdy glasses in our modern time, but it is cool on his face, and they may become a fashion because of him.