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is low eye pressure dangerous for eyes?

My doctor told me I have low eye pressure. does it cause any damage to your eyes?
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  • chronojwl


    If your eye pressure are less than 8 mm Hg, you may suffer low eye pressures. But there are people that with low eye pressure but perfectly fine without visual symptoms. The lower eye pressure like a ball that is low on air where part of the ball can begin to collapse. Anyway if you have low eye pressure, you'd better talk it to eye doctor and get eye checked to see if there any problems to to your eyes.
  • Kelly gary


    Low eye pressure may generally be defined as eye pressure less than 10 mm Hg. It is a kind of eye disease, and sustainable may lead to some destructive consequence, such as the organization and function damage of the eyeball. Low eye pressure can be classified into two types, original and secondary low eye pressure. Original low eye pressure is generally defined as the low eye pressure without other eye or physical diseases. It is present by heredity. And you needn't worry about it. Secondary low eye pressure may present by some eye diseases or physical illness, such as eye trauma, eyeball surgery, acute rainbow tracing inflammation, diabetes, and anemia. There are many other reasons may get it happen. For example, a foreign object .and it is by far one of the most common factors. This may be a particle of dust, stray eyelash or even a piece of metal. Any foreign body in the eye can cause some pressure. Another common cause for the symptom of low eye pressure is sinusitis, which is essentially a sinus infection that causes an inflammation within your sinuses.
  • Johane


    Low pressure is mainly secreted decrease or increase from aqueous, such as the rainbow film, ciliary body infection such as anterior chamber inflammation can lead to reduce aqueous secretion, and trauma or surgery could let aqueous eduction increase in intraocular pressure too low. But most situation are just short process, if experience low eye pressure for a long time can lead to eyeball collapsing choroidal and detachment. In that degree, you need to have an active therapy.