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How to prevent Scuba Diving goggles From Fogging?

i have a pair of Scuba diving goggles. How can I prevent them from fogging while diving?
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  • everetthol


    You can prevent Scuba Diving goggles From Fogging by following these steps:Pre-treat the goggles with solution,right before you dive, rub your solution of choice on the inside of the goggles, then rinse them in the water;Establish an airtight seal when putting on your goggles. There shouldn't be any hair between them and your face, as even one strand can compromise the seal. Clean your goggles regularly in between dives. Toothpaste and water works just fine for cleaning them at home. It's important, however, that you don't let the goggles air dry, as this will create spots. Towel them off instead.

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