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How to Switch from wearing Eye Glasses to Contact Lenses?

I decide to give a try to contact lenses but i have been wearing glasses for many years. How to Switch from wearing Eye Glasses to Contact Lenses easily?
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  • confused_withac


    It is quite easy to make the switch from wearing eye glasses to using contact lenses. First you should go to have your eyes examined to make sure you are a good candidate for contact lenses. Then you will be prescribed the correct contact lenses for your eyes. It is better for first time wearers to purchase weekly disposable contact lenses. You may need some time to adjust and get more familiar with them. You should never fall asleep while wearing contact lenses. Just follow the doctor's instruction rigidly.
  • Angela tuener


    Switching from wearing eyeglasses to using contact lenses is not as difficult as that you might imagine. It is easy. I have tired. Now, i have prepared both contact lenses and prescription eyeglasses for wearing in different occasion. Just take an eye exam to get the prescription for contact lenses. Then, buying suitable contact lenses that fit for your eyes and meet your vision requirements. At the beginning, you may fell uncomfortable for the lenses to contact your eyes. Just a few days, you will adapt it.

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