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Can wearing contact lenses hide lazy eye?

i wear glasses because i have a lazy eye but i really want contact lenses. I just wonder if they can hide the lazy eye well.
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  • Striker


    It is hard to say, because I do not know your exact situation. But I can also give you some tips on how to hide lazy eyes. You can make up yourself before you go out, I suggest that you get more sleep, which is the basis of good health. Other tips cannot solve the problem from the root. So, good luck to you.
  • walksonfloors


    Personally, I don't think so. Since you have lazy eye for some reasons, your eyes will certainly be very dry and tired. If you wear the contact lenses when you're having lazy eye, it will cause discomfort to your eyes or even hurt your eyes. Therefore, I suggest you'd better not wear contact lenses to hide lazy eye. I think glasses are a better choice for you. Hope this will be helpful.