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Brittany dale


What causes red veiny eyes?

I find red veiny in my eyes. Is this normal? Or what causes it?
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  • Christian scott


    Red veiny eyes are common and normal. Main cause of the appearance of red veins in the sclera or the white portion of the eye is the irritation, dilation, and swelling of the blood vessels within. This irritation and enlargement are caused by several factors such as the below: 1.Dry air can cause irritation of the eyes which often results in prominent red veins in the eyes. 2.Too much exposure to the sun and dust particles. 3.Foreign body that can damage or cut the eyes. 4.Allergic reactions and colds. 5.Trauma that can be caused by too much straining or coughing. 6.Fatigue and stress. 7.Subconjunctival hemorrhage or red eye. Hope this helpful.
  • chatter_box505


    .I sorry to hear that about your eyes. Obviously, that's not normal. But in this age of intense competition, I have to say "It's very normal." Your job may be a cause, as we all know, nowadays we have a lot of work needed to be finished by computer. On the other hand, sleep quantity is another important reason. The lack of sleeping time and erratic hours will cause so many diseases, the veiny red eye is only one of them. You should make a good daily schedule and pay more attention to your health. Hope your eyes will get better soon!
  • Noah james


    Well, of course, it is not normal to have veins in your eyes. And at this moment, your eyes may be irritated. And that is why your eyes are veins. For the causes, the irritation, dilation, and swelling of the blood vessels within can be the main ones. In details, too much exposure to the sun and dust particles can cause it. Also, according to some experts, allergic reactions and colds can be the fatal factors. Also, Trauma that can be caused by too much straining or coughing may lead to it too. Anyway, you need to pay more attention to it.
  • Jose


    It is normal for people have veiny in ther sclera, but too much red veiny in the eyes means that you get some eye problems. A lot of veins in eyes can be caused by many problems, such as stay up at night, fatigue, pink eyes and some other disease. If the excessive amount of veins do not go away after a few days of getting enough sleep, see a doctor for help.