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Mya harris


Are you put to sleep during lasik eye surgery?

I am gonna to take lasik eye surgery. But i am really nervous. Will i sleep during the surgery?
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  • Ana evelyn


    It looks like you are very nervous about the incoming surgery. As a matter of fact, it is true lasik eye surgery sounds very terrible and making people afraid, but during the operation, the doctor will give you some anesthetics to make you free from pains, and perhaps you would be unconsicous until the operation is finally complete. Just take it easy.
  • Colleen


    You should take it relax. Now the lasik eye surgery is safe and effective. A lot of people with short sighted problems will use it to make their eyes see clearly. During your surgery, you will take the anaesthetic medicine which will make you have no consciousness. You will feel no pain. However you should take care of your eyes after the surgery, not sitting in front of the computers for a long time with little rest.
  • Allen


    You have nothing to worry about during your lasik surgery. Your procedure can be done under general anesthesia which means you are completely sleep. In the case, they would use small retractors to keep your eyelids open (they resemble disfigured paperclips). So, it is unnecessary for you to fall in a nervous situation, these days, the art of healing is more and more advanced, what do you worry about?

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