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Danai P.


Why do celebrities wear sunglasses in airports?

I find that many celebrities wear sunglasses in airports. Why? Is it for disguising their look?
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  • Justin fergus


    Yes, this is partly because that they want to disguise their look so that they will not be recognised by journalists or fans and then they can just act as common people. However, wearing glasses sometimes may not help a lot in disguising their look because people can still recognise them according to their figures and so on. Therefore they may also wear mouth-muffles which of course may as well let them stand out in the crowd. In my opinion, many celebrities wear sunglasses in airports just to make themselves seem more fashionable and stylish. Sunglasses are various in shape and colors which can match different styles of clothes and hair and shapes of faces. If you want to make yourself more fashionable, you can also like them wear sunglasses as a kind of accessories to go with your clothes. Notice that the shape of your face and the style of your clothes decide in great degree the shape and color of your sunglasses. You can look for more information about sunglasses in the following website.
  • emptybot


    Well, in my opinion, it's normal for those celebrities. After all, they are public figures. If they don't wear sunglasses, it is a little too dramatic. On the other hand, you know, nowadays people tend to take some movie stars or singers as their idols. They are crazy about those stars. If they find there's a celebrity, I can guarantee that will be caused a stir. Maybe one day when we become famous, we’ll have much deeper appreciation for this question.
  • Emma


    First of all, eyes are the window of people's heart. To wear sunglasses you can cut the eye contacts with others for people can't read your mind from your shaded eyes. Celebrities often get a lot of attention. It's very a common feeling that too much attention makes people uncomfortable. Second, many celebrities wear sunglasses to avoid be recognized. You may find that they wear caps too. And for the last, celebrities' wearing sunglasses may just to make themselves cool and mysterious.

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