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can ear infections cause goopy eyes?

I heard that ear infection can affect our eyes. So, i just want to know if ear infection lead to goopy eyes?
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  • chrisss_129


    In general, otitis will not affect eye function except that the result of such infection is either intracranial disease or severe pathological changes of ears. We usually use chloramphenicol eye drops to deal with the eye infection.So we can not deny the relationship between them. Although there are two possible situations leading to the goopy eyes, either a blocked tear duct or a pink eye, both of which may be the viral infection. As for the cause of goopy eyes, as mentioned above,it is most likely result from the ear infection in the same period. However, under such circumstances, it is wise to see the doctor in specialized hospital,especially when other uncomfortable symptoms such as discomfort, eye redness or eyelid swelling occur.They can detect the possible causes of your condition and know how to care your eyes.
  • Victor


    Yes, ear infection will affect your eyes and let your eyes get goopy eyes because of the interlinked nerves in the whole body. You need to pay great attention to it. You should use some eye drops to moisture the eyes and clear the eyes. You need to have the good rest for both eyes and ears. In addition, the suitable amount of food with vitamin C will make your eyes get comfortable.
  • Jose joyce


    Well, yes, ear infection can lead to goopy eyes. And according to some researches, when you suffer ear infection, it is possible to have eye infection in some degree. And also, you should know that eye infection will just cause goopy eyes. So that is why some people have goopy eyes when they have ear infection. And goopy eyes can also accompany with red eyes, itchy eyes too. At this moment, you can have wet compresses, and just take a piece of clean cloth and soak it in tepid water. Remember that you should gently compress the affected eye with the wet cloth. Anyway, you can just have a try.

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