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Cameron smith


What contact lenses does felice fawn wear?

What contact lenses does felice fawn wear? Where i can find it?
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  • charming_qtee


    Well, as you can see, she is one of the most popular models right now. We can find that she would like to wear different types of contact lenses, some of them are special and colorful contacts, maybe she opt for these kinds of contacts for cosmetic purpose. There are a lot of places where you can find these contacts. For example, Walmart vision center has got a good stock of contacts of various types, you can have a look at it.
  • Kate


    Felice Fawn, or Felice Lilith Fawn( full legal name ) wears false eyelashes sometimes, but rarely. Actually she doesn't wear any brands of contact lenses all the time. She always wears black or white contact lenses which are her favourite colors. Howver, her natural eye colour is green. offers some information about Felice Fawn. If you fan of her, this site may give you a good place where can learn more about Felice Fawn.
  • walentynka


    She wears "circle" contact lenses. You could go to the amazon to have a search. It becomes more and more popular that many people start to wear the colored contact lenses to make their eyes show the different way. Actually it really works. You could have a try. You could go to the online store to choose the suitable one.