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Does kristen stewart wear contact lenses?

Does kristen stewart wear contact lenses? If so, what kind of contact lenses does she wear?
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  • Johane


    Well, as you can see, Kristen Stewart is one of the most popular actress in the world especially in Hollywood. She is famous for acting and role in the movie series, Twilight. However, there is no sign of her poor vision, she never wear glasses in the public. Or, it is possible that she wears contacts, but we ordinary people don't have a clue, for we are not her friends anyway.
  • come__tomorrow


    I am not sure if she wears contacts lenses during daily life. But I am sure that she wears contact lenses in the movie twilight. In the first 3 part of twilight, she was wearing brown contacts as the human version. Because her real eye color is green, looking like a cat’s eyes. And in the last part of twilight, Bella becomes a vampire, so she will wear gold contacts. And an entertainment news says that Pattinson said that knowing Stewart would have to experience the discomfort of his vampire contact lenses was “a great feeling”.
  • bell


    Yes, kristen stewart wears the brown colored contact lenses in Twilight which makes her eyes look pale. However, I don't know whether she has the habit of wearing the contact lenses in the daily life. If you like the brown contact lenses she wears, you could go to the eyeglasses store to buy such pair of contact lenses.