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Eric Zago


Where are vuarnet sunglasses made?

I like vuarnet sunglasses very much. Can you tell me where are vuarnet sunglasses made? Are they good?
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  • Aaron may


    The brand of vuarnet sunglasses is launched more than 50 years ago, Vuarnet sunglasses are the fruit of a history which is the sport innovation. It is made in France and named after a famous sports man in the history. Vuarnet sunglasses represent the world reference in sun protection and uv protection for the eyes. The tradition of quality is yet to be surpassed. And the lenses of the vuarnet sunglasses continue to be manufactured without compromise It uses the highest quality materials for both the lenses and frames. They are so good that the design is so fashionable now. If you want to buy, it is worthy to own one.
  • cowboyfrom666


    Vuarnet sunglasses are world renowned for their exceptional optical quality. This reputation was achieved through many years of experience in sunglass innovation. As you can see they are swiss made and you may get them on some household e-commerce websites such as Ebay and Amazon, where you can find lots of sunglasses of various brands. I myself think they are exceptionally good for their outstanding taste and quality.