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Trinity hill


Where can i buy cocoon sunglasses?

Have you seen cocoon sunglasse? If so, do you know where can i get that sunglasses? Any idea?
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  • charmed83


    Well, you must get to know that Cocoon is a newly established fashion brand which was founded in China in 2002 and it is becoming more and more popular among young ladies. Their mission is to produce best luxuries for women. To get their sunglasses, you have to try hard since they are not running internationally. Maybe you should just take a look at their official website for some information, or browse through Alibaba for them.
  • chrisera21


    Yeah, the cocoon sunglasses are so fashionable at the design and perfect at the quality. If you own one, it is so perfect. However, the price of it in the franchise stores is expensive. If your economic condition is allowed, you could go to one and pick one. However, I suggest you to go to the ebay or the amazon to have a look where the price may be suitable.