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Barbara Mellon


How much are vuarnet sunglasses?

Is there anyone who has bought vuarnet sunglasses? Are they expensive? How much do they charge?
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  • Alexander green


    After the famous alpine ski racer Jean Vuarnet of France won the gold medal in the Downhill at the 1960 Winter Olympics, there is an agreement that was reached in 1961 to market the sunglasses which use his last name as the brand name of the sunglasses. Then as we know, Vuarnet later became an official corporate sponsor of the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles. Since its creation, according to the statistics, Vuarnet has sold over 20 million sunglasses in the market. It has a worldwide distribution network of more than 25,000 retailers. In addition, there are points of sale present in over 30 countries. It was launched more than 40 years ago. The Vuarnet sunglasses are the fruit of a history, becoming the sport innovation. The price online is not that high, about $ 100 at average. If you have any interest, you could go to the to have a look.
  • Michelle


    It is not very cheap to buy a pair of vuarnet sunglasses. I just search it online and find some websites provide the sunglasses. And most of them are priced about $250. Here are the links, you can check them yourself:
  • walkamong123


    Vuarnet sunglasses are designed for the environment's many challenges; from the bright lights on mountaintops to the blinding reflections of the ocean. Vuarnet sunglasses combine style with top level performance that truly stands the test of time. And they are made in Switzerland.Generally speaking, a pair of them would cost you a price ranging from 200 to 500 dollars. Maybe online shopping would be cheaper.