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Danielle lewis


Can diabetes cause blurred vision?

I am told that diabetes can cause blurred vision, is that true? Can I do something to prevent this happening?
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  • cliffistheshit


    Yes. Diabetes could cause blurred vision. Usually, people with Diabetes also accompany with high blood sugar. And the high blood sugar can further lead to high blood pressure. So, it could temporarily develop some eye problems such as blurred vision. But this is not a serious eye problem. The eyes can recovery itself. What you should do is to try to cure your Diabetes. As long as you get Diabetes cured, you won't be troubled with blurred vision.
  • crazyfirekiller


    I am sorry to tell you yes. You know, if you get diabetes, you should do eye exams regularly to avoid eye problems. However, you really don' t need to buy a new pair of glasses when you find that you get blurred vision. Because this situation usually is temporary. It is known to all that diabetes can make eyes swell so that they can' t have clear vision. In order to prevent this, you need to control your blood sugar, which is helpful to your eyes. But sometimes, blurred may not be caused by diabetes, I mean, it may be caused by more serious eye problems. You really need to have your eyes examined regularly. I wish you could recover soon.