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Does vitamin a help night blindness ?

I heard that taking more vitamin a can help people with nigh blindness. Does it really work?
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  • walfor


    Yes, taking vitamin A will help people with night blindness. Vitamin A maintains normal visual function which is very necessary for the human body. Eye of photoreceptors in the retina rod cells and cone cells in the two cells are photosensitive pigment, of rhodopsin feeling weak light and strong visual purple blue substance. The rhodopsin with visual purple blue mass is composed of opsin and retinal rhodopsin after light exposure. 11 - shun retinene constitutes the retinal and is separated from opsin and blank. If this process is called bleach into the dark, because it is not sensitive to weak light of rhodopsin disappeared, you can't see things. If vitamin A is enough, the rhodopsin regenerate quickly and completely, so the dark adaptation recovery time is short. If lack of vitamin A, the regeneration rhodopsin slow and incomplete. So the dark adaptation recovery time will be extended. It will seriously cause night blindness. There are many benefits of owning vitamin A. It can maintain a healthy epithelial tissue cells and promote the synthesis of immunoglobulin. In addition, it can keep the normal bone growth and development. It can also promote the growth and reproduction. Thus taking vitamin A is the necessary part.
  • cherrytop7


    There are some medical reasons to explain. I wonder if you know retinal rods, they are cells that help us compound visual purple that once lacked can cause the night blindness. And the shortage of vitamin will hinder the formation of raw materials in retinal rods to compound the visual purple mentioned above. So that's why we have to intake a plenty of vitamin to prevent and treat the disease. However, it's only efficient to temporary and acquired night blindness but not to genetic one which has a incomplete growth of retinal rods.
  • Jonah


    Yes, it is true. Vitamin A can help people with night blindness. Vitamin A deficiency is a lack of vitamin A in humans. Night blindness is the difficulty for the eyes to adjust to dim light. Night Blindness is a condition making it difficult or impossible to see in relatively low light. It is a symptom of several eye diseases.

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