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Marissa george


Is mint leaves good for dark circles?

Can mint leaves do something good to the dark circles under eyes? How?
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  • Zoe murphy


    Yes, mint leaves will do something good to the dark circles under eyes which are mainly caused by the lack of good sleep, bad blood circulation and so on. The mint leaves contain the high material of releasing the eyes. Your surrounding eye parts will be released to some degree. At the same time, you should have the good rest which will be good for the recovery of the dark circles under eyes.
  • entaliden


    Yes, it can help to relieve the dark circles. When you take a leaf of mint on your skin, you can experience its cool, refreshing aroma due to some natural chemicals smoothing and caressing our skin. As we all know, your tiny vessels under skin around your eyes expand due to deficiency of sleep so that our blood circulation is hambered leading to the blood blocked there. That is why we have dark circles and bags out there. Add some water to the mint and blend them thoroughly using a spoon or something like. A few drops of honey also helps. By the way, you must make sure that you get the leaves from a safe source, I mean, they are not polluted by pesticides. Besides, you can use a soft cloth to wrap an ice cube or cool tea bags(put in the freezer for half an hour) to your eyes try to relive the blood circulation.
  • casebell


    Dark circles under eyes are swellings. Mint leaves contain high miners and plant oil. You just need to immerse mint leaves into hot water for a hour and drink them. After a while, apply the mint leaves on dark circles for 10 minutes and it can promote blood circles. In daily life, you also can drink some honey water which can improve your condition from inner.