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Why does the corner of my eye burn ?

The corner of corner of my eyes feel burning. Why? What can i do now to reduce the burning feeling?
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  • emmie18


    When you find the corner of your eyes feel burning, you may check whether your eyes get infection. The invisible bacterium may come into your eyes and cause this painful feeling. You need to use some eye drops to release the symptom. At the same time, you could also use the warm compress by finding the clean cloth and hot water to comfort your eyes.
  • Samuel hill


    It may be caused by dry eyes. Dry eye is characterized by insufficient moisture or lubrication in the eye or in the features that protect the eye, according to the Eye Care Source website. A dryness in the eyes and surrounding area are commonly associated with dryness of other mucous membranes, tear production or excessive tear production. Often the dryness and soreness results from constantly wiping away excess tears from your eyes. The corner of your eyes may get irritated, burn or feel gritty and the skin may swell or flake. Hydrated skin has plump cells, but when the skin dries out, those cells shrivel and fine lines may appear. The treatment used most often for dry eyes is over-the-counter artificial tears. Whether it's eye drops that provide temporary relief or prescription drops for long-term use, treatment for dry eyes depends on which works best for you.
  • clairegriffon


    As far as i know, there may be several reasons causing the problem of the corner of your eyes. Firstly, your eyes may have been infected viruses or bacteria, you can use gold enzyme eye ointment twice a day after observation. Secondly, burning eyes may be caused by the deficiency of QI and blood, it can reduce blood circulation and dry eyes. My suggestion is to tone up with more exercise. Thirdly, you may stay up a lot, your eyes can't bear the fatigue and it begin feel uncomfortable.
  • Barry


    If you just scratch the corner, your burning is normal and wait for a few minutes, you will be fine. If not, close your eyes and wash the corner of eyes with hot water. After that, use hot compress on eyes to relieve pain and irritation in eyes. Also, you can drop some basic eye drops in eyes to keep misten and comfortable.