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Mackenzie rose


Are bolle sunglasses made in china or italy?

I love bolle sunglasses and am planing to buy one pair for my brother. i want to know where are bolle sunglasses made? In china or italy or other places?
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  • Caitlin


    It is Maurice Bolle that firstly started the Bolle eyewear company in 1888 in France. Until 2010, the authentic Bolle sunglasses are still produced there. The bolle sunglasses are really good at both the quality and the price. If you want to buy it, you could go to the online store to have a look.
  • Dave


    I still have an older pair of Bolle sunglasses (circa 2003). They say "Made in France" right on the frame.
  • Luis


    Bollè sunglasses are made in Italy
  • Jordan smith


    The first thing you should know is that bolle sunglasses are very useful in sports. In other words, Bolle sunglasses offer a huge selection of sunglasses for men and women who want to live an active lifestyle. For example, tennis, golf, boating, hunting, fishing will be included. Because of the varied styles, this kind of sunglasses can give you a secure comfortable fit while engaging in your favorite physical activities. And bolle sunglasses are a brand of France. So bolle sunglasses are made in France.
  • cattatra


    Well, as a matter of fact, Bolle sunglasses is an international famous brand, which is established in France. Actually, they are skilled at producing sports utility sunglasses that are good for outdoor activities, helping you to resist harmful sun lights you know? Generally speaking, they are made in a lot of places in the world, it depends on where the order is made. For instance, if you buy them in the US, then probably they are made in China.

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